Meet Emily


I fell in love with Yoga over 20 years ago and have been teaching since 2004. Yoga has taught me to live life in the most authentic and creative way as best as I can and this is reflected in my teaching.


I love creating a space for people to come, share, feel safe, unwind, to let go and just simply be.

My aim is to empower and connect people through basic principles of higher thinking and positive life style changes to achieve a harmonious way of being.

My teaching is always intuitive, organic and fluid. I enjoy dynamic, strong, invigorating and focused training but equally I love integrating deep, slow and recuperative practices to create a healthy balance.



I found Yoga at a crucial turning point in my life back in 2001 whilst living in Mumbai, India.

I had reached a low point in my life with little confidence in who I was and what my purpose in life was.

I  got on the mat for the first time taking a private class on the roof top terrace over looking Juhu Tara beach, Mumbai.

At this time there was a lot of resistance in my practice and  I was purely doing it for something to do and to fill my time.

As time passed and my commitment to regular practice grew, things started to shift, not just on a physical level but mentally and emotionally. I was aware of how much confidence, inner peace and mental strength I had gained and was developing.

This transformation gave me the courage to change the course of my life.




After this shift I was sure I had found my path and wanted to share it with as many people as I could. As a key tool to self love, self development and  empowerment.

By 2011 I was determined to make it to Ethiopia and based myself in Addis Ababa where I set up a karma yoga project,‘Yoga in Ethiopia’. Here I initiated and organised a collaboration of local art therapists and international Yoga teachers, to offer courses in local women’s shelters and Juvenile centers.

My work in Ethiopia was greatly inspired by the Africa Yoga project. I feel very grateful for all the work they do and the huge impact it’s made in positive ways to so many people.



In 2004 I went to the Sivanada Ashram in Kerala where I took my first Yoga teacher training. I became fully immersed and connected to the philosophy of Yoga and knew I had found my path!

Since then I have continued to return to India and have attended various schools of Yoga, including; Usha Devi’s center at the Om Karannada Iyengar center in Rishikesh, the Chanchanis Iyengarschool,  (Yog- Ganga), Dehradun, Zen Yoga studios  with  Karoline Klebe, basic Ashtanga training in Dubai at, further training with the incredible Swami Kailasanada at the Sivanada ashram in Kerala and Orleans and with Sri Swami Vidyanand at his transformational school of Yoga based in New Delhi.

I have also been greatly inspired by Leila Johnson, an ayurvedic therapist based in New York, whom I met in Ethiopia and who has now become a dear and wonderful friend. Leila opened my world to Ayurveda and encouraged me to spend time observing and partaking in the treatments of Ayurveda at the Dr Raju family of PK and Ayurveda in Hyederebad. These doctors totally blew me away with their practices and have greatly influenced my method of Yoga teaching, where I now integrate the principles of Ayurveda into my classes.

I continue to partake in workshops of Yoga as well as shamanic practices, which I bring elements of into my classes.

I feel very blessed and truly grateful to love the work I do.


I am currently based in the U.K, the garden of England, Kent, where I was born and raised for the first 17 years of my life. You can find me at the Kingdom, Penshurst where I run regular group classes and workshops. Click HERE to find out more.