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Reawaken your senses in one of Europe’s most energetically charged points, Tarifa. Tarifa sits at the most southern tip of Spain, where the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas meet, just 30 minutes by boat from Morocco.

The retreat will be co-hosted by dear and special friends Anne-Marie and Ben, who have been living in Andalusia for over 15 years and have now made Tarifa their home. Together they will provide and nourish us with some of the most tasty vegetarian organic food you’ll be sure to try. Be prepared to tantalise your taste buds and awaken your body through the blessings of their food.

They will also be facilitating a very special Cacao ceremony for us all. This evening will help to open our hearts and connect us to the healing powers and medicine of the sacred Cacao.

There will be 2 daily classes suitable for all levels which and vary from restorative to dynamic, alignment focused and strengthening. In-between there will be plenty of time and opportunity to relax, take a massage, go horse riding, surfing, beach walking, visit the mud baths, explore the old and quaint town of Tarifa or even take a day trip to Morocco. Or you may prefer to just rest and lounge by the pool.

What ever you wish to do you will be well accommodated for.

The group number will be limited to just 10 persons, giving you the luxury of extra special attention to help deepen and develop your Yoga practice.